01. He [eased] into his chair after a long day of work.
02. In some parts of the world, dried shark brain is used to [ease] labor pains, and prevent tooth decay.
03. Felicita helped [ease] Victor's headache by massaging his neck.
04. He is such a strong runner that he should be able to win this race with [ease].
05. The camera is fully automatic, for [ease] of use.
06. They have lived a life of total [ease] and luxury since they won the lottery.
07. I slowly [eased] my way towards the door when it looked like the meeting was about over.
08. She felt totally at [ease] with her in-laws within a few days of meeting them.
09. Most bumps on the head are minor, and heal [easily].
10. Many of England's historic towns are quite small, and can be [easily] visited on foot.
11. The pygmy people living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are able to slip [easily] through the jungle growth of the forest which is their home.
12. Mexico is expected to win [easily] in its match against Japan on Sunday.
13. You don't have to shout, I can hear you quite [easily]!
14. Why do you waste gas driving to the corner store when you could [easily] walk or bike there?
15. Using a computer makes writing an essay so much faster and [easier].
16. Vocabulary is generally [easier] to understand if you look at it in context.
17. A human hair is much [easier] to cut when soaked in warm water for two minutes.
18. A feeling of [uneasiness] came over him as he entered the old, empty house.
19. Most people feel a little [uneasy] during a dental check-up.
20. The young boy looked around [uneasily] as he entered his new classroom.
21. The detective had a strong feeling of [unease] after talking to the murder victim's husband.
22. Sir Winfred Grenfell once suggested that real joy comes not from [ease] or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.
23. Sophocles once noted that time [eases] all things.
24. Helen Keller once said that character cannot be developed in [ease] and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.
25. A Chinese proverb observes that when the heart is at [ease], the body is healthy.
26. A French proverb notes that laughing is not always proof of a mind at [ease].
27. A Chinese proverb suggests that it is [easy] to believe in heaven's law, but so hard to keep.
28. A Chinese proverb notes that it is [easy] to know men's faces, not their hearts.
29. A Chinese proverb observes that to open a business is very [easy], but to keep it open is very difficult.
30. A Japanese proverb suggests that it is [easy] to die; the difficulty lies in living.
31. There is an old saying which says, "[Easy] come, [easy] go."
32. A Danish proverb notes that happiness and glass break [easily].
33. A Japanese proverb notes that eggs and promises are [easily] broken.
34. A Saudi Arabian proverb observes that misfortune is [easier] to bear if you share it with many others.
35. A Chinese proverb claims that it is [easier] to govern a country than a son.
36. A German proverb notes that to advise is [easier] than to help.
37. I am always amazed at the [ease] with which Colin speaks in front of crowds.
38. Although Karen was only two, she was able to say the alphabet with [ease].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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